Fresh water tank Plastimo in SHERWOOD, New South Wales for sale

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I have two of these for sale separately.
Tested and patented a water chamber inside a tough envelope.
The Plastimo water tanks consist of a welded non-porous tasteless PVC water chamber (inner bladder) inside a tough nylon envelope, for complete watertightness and resistance to tearing and abrasion.
Water tanks are supplied complete, ready to install, with Ø 38 mm inlet fitting and Ø 12 mm outlet valves.
Water chamber inside a tough envelope
Reliable, low cost solution to fresh water storage
Form-fitting, lightweight tank can be installed nearly anywhere
Easy maintenance, as the inner chamber can be removed for routine cleaning (see corner flap pictured below)
Inlet fits 1 1/2" I.D. water hose, outlet fits 1/2" I.D. water hose
Shape of Tank: Rectangular
Capacity: 200 litres
Dimension: 70 x 175 cm
Approx. Height filled: 44 cm